Going forward for us means working day by day with a dedication to start a new journey towards wellness, towards creating a sense of wonder, and bringing a positive change to the world.

Our story started with Mrs. Ikhlas Sawalha’s belief in creating a new perspective towards the world, and challenging all odds to lead an innovative life style and follow her dreams. She led a journey to discover the magical healing powers of nature, and to find new ways to reconnect people with it.

With our business growing every day, so does our dedication to bring excellent quality products to our customers, and pride and dignity for our farmers. Achieving our goals requires working directly with our farmers and obtaining supplies through our fair-trade. we search for the finest and safest -sourced ingredients to create a range of naturally- eco-friendly inspired beauty care products. 





Our aim is to produce quality products that represent our homeland and point to its rare Biodiversity, Products that we can be proud of even overseas. We decided to take the beauty aisles into a different level of manufacturing by safely reuniting with Nature, as it is peace for the Mind, Body, and soul. Our goal to start a business with an environmental initiative is stronger than ever. We have made it our mission to enrich our products, encourage people towards positive change, and build an eco-friendlier planet.


Let us be kind and love nature, be generous and encourage eco-friendly businesses. It is an ultimate way to turn our daily lives into practices that bring healthy change into the world.

We value our Customers, and products in every step of manufacturing: ingredients, products, packaging, branches, and campaigns. Change is within our hands, which means we acknowledge that we have the power to make positive changes in the world and make a positive impact on individual lives to make them stand up for what’s right, and the impossible.

Now more than ever we understand how essential it is to protect our traditional remedies and regional heritage, our products nourish, enrich and uplift your skin, all of our soaps were created with kindness and respect for our bodies and our planet, being 100% natural and organic, Siba makes an excellent choice for all skin types as well as all age groups.
We seek to find solutions for many of skin concerns, being a 100% natural and organic, Siba makes an excellent choice for all skin types as well as all age groups, without leaving any side effects.
Enriching national natural ingredients, we use high-grade national raw material from tree to a seed, we seek to enrich our range circle of raw material that are traced and sustainably sourced, bought directly from suppliers and farmers.
Promoting creativity and innovation by blending originality with scientific methods. we seek to represent our homeland and point to its rare Biodiversity by continuously thrive to improve our production methods and adopting the newest technologies.
Our products are manufactured according to GMP-ISO 22716, and all of them are Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Alcohol, Fragrance, All Toxic Chemicals, Animal's Fat & All Artifical Oils.
In the spirit of nature, everything is connected the unique relation between the human's health, Earth and our Environment is like a wish fluffing tree: It Gives life by going back to it, and to believe in its power to heal