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Black Gold

A 100% Natural olive coal soap
Antiseptic and Skin Whitening 
Cleansing Bar

Face and Body 

Black Gold; your soap for a flawless and smooth skin

Charcoal has been used in the beauty and medical industries for years.  We at Siba decided to take this beauty aisle into another level of manufacturing by using our slow-set soap making methods that maintain the healing properties of the oils. we use high-grade national raw material from oils to charcoal, leaving the skin clean and moisturized.

This facial cleanser has been crafted for oily and acne prone skins, Particularly for skin that is sensitive and prone to irritation, but beneficial for all skin types.

It cleanses skin of impurities without the use of harsh ingredients, as our charcoal has high adsorptive powers, which means that it draws other elements and chemicals into itself from your skin  such as excess facial oil and draw away the impurities that build up in the pores, our Coal Soap is considered a natural booster to regenerate skin cells,  and stimulating collagen production, and improve skin whiting 

What skin type is Coal soap for

Suitable for oily, Sensitive to combination skin types


After 3 Weeks

65% reported smoother, more radiant skin

After 6 weeks

<40% confirm visibly reduced pores and improved Skin Purity and Healthy Complex 
>85% or >65% improved synthesis of dermal collagen and reduced scars  

How our olives activated charcoal Can Benefit Your Skin?
Key Benefits:

1. Deep Skin Cleansing and dead skin removal

A perfectly balanced deep cleansing soap with earthy scent, our exfoliating bar soap cleanses skin on the deepest level to remove environmental toxins, germs, and impurities, helping to clear your pores, allowing oxygen to flow freely through them, It’s the perfect solution for dead skin removal, as it’s considered a natural booster to regenerate skin cells,  and stimulating collagen production thus providing clean, fresh and flawless skin

2. Treats Oily Skin
As excess facial oils can lead to blemishes and acne breakouts, our Charcoal soap has high adsorptive powers to control facial oil, which eliminate acne, and blackheads, while toning your skin. Moreover, it has also proven to be effective in removing other elements and chemicals into itself from your skin, for a refreshed, mattifying effect.

3. Cures Clogged Pores

Environmental Stressors settling over your pores can make them more noticeable and enlarged in appearance. Charcoal soap is the best solution for this as it can draw away the impurities that build up in the pores and treat the clogged ones and reducing their size.

Acne & scars treatment

Along with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil, our revolutionary formula with Olive's coal targets pimple marks, and scars, acting as a natural scrub to remove dead and damaged cells, and stimulate collagen production to regenerate the skin 
Moreover, its antimicrobial properties help prevent skin infections and helps to eliminate acne as the activated carbon adsorbs toxins and removes skin impurities and oils on and below the skin. 

4. Skin whitening

Our Coal soap is proven to be 100% Safe and effective when it comes to Lighten dark areas of skin or achieve a generally paler skin tone, as the development of dark spots, dullness or uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation, all can be caused by ageing, scaring, sun damage, or even the influx of hormones from pregnancy and sometimes Melasma. it’s the perfect skin brightening scrub formulated to gently buffs away dullness, Lift the dark dead skin cells and even neutralizes odor, bumps rejuvenating complexion to make it more vibrant, healthy and glowing.

Simple directions for a cleaner, healthier skin with a glowing, evenly toned complex

With regular use of our soap, you will start seeing results in a matter of weeks

Try our Siba Soap and you will see – it is easy to use and offers quick results
1. Start by washing the designated area using a generous amount of warm water  
2. Start rubbing the soap on your skin for about 40 seconds up to 60 seconds’ in cases of the Body Area. Set the bar of soap aside and continue rubbing your skin in a circular motion until a nice creamy texture had been worked.
3. Leave the creamy foam to your skin for about two minutes in cases of the body Area up till 4 Minutes, for it to be absorbed by the skin and create the desired effectiveness.  
4. Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water then pat dry

- For exfoliation of old skin cells, when the skin is still slightly damp, gently remove old and dry skin by rubbing the soap directly on your skin in a circular motion using your fingertips

- It is recommended to use the soap one time a day the first three weeks of use, then start using it four times a week the fourth week.

- For sensitive skin, it’s recommended to use the soap three times a week only

- You may witness a slight tingling sensation, and redness may occur or find that your skin becomes a little tight feeling during the first days of use. Don’t worry, this is normal. It isn’t drying.

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