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Dead Sea Mud Soap

A 100% Natural Mineral - infused Detoxifier
Antiseptic and Antifungal 
Cleansing Bar
Face and Body 

Skin Care Infusion, infused with the mineral-rich water of the Dead Sea.

Our soap Go beyond the unique therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Mud and Olive Oil to gently exfoliate and extract, comprised with the most essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium to deeply hydrate while absorbing oil and environmental toxins, this circulation-boosting bar offers soft and radiant skin. As it infiltrates deep inside your pores to exfoliate and detoxify, removing any deep settled impurities germs and Dead Cells.

It’s Considered a strong Antiseptic for an existing condition and a preventative measure, against bacteria, Acne, Fungi, and yeast issues, leaving your skin feeling peaceful, safe and grounded.  

What skin type is Dead Sea mud soap for Suitable for

Oily, dry to combination skin types

After 3 Weeks

65% reported smoother, more radiant skin

40% confirm visibly clogged pores and improved Skin Purity and Healthy Complex

>65% or >45% confirm visibly alleviated symptoms of a fungal infection*

How Dead sea mud Can Benefit Your Skin?
Key Benefits:
The Dead Sea is enriched with skin-healthy minerals and natural healing salts. To hydrate, repair, and support your skin while gently cleaning away anything that could tarnish your complexion. achieving natural regeneration and as it nourishes skin deeply By Getting rid of dry, and flaky skin that can be caused by a variety of factors: routine aging, lack of hydration, and cold winter air outside.

2. Infused Detoxifier and Exfoliator

Our gentle exfoliating bar soap cleanses skin on the deepest level to remove environmental toxins impurities while reinforcing its defenses against outside stressors that can lead to frequent obstructions and clogs filled with dirt and bacteria. and removing any deep settled impurities germs and Dead Cells. it regulates the skin’s own oil content while toning your skin and pores, leaving it supple, and Healthy.

3. Antiseptic & Antifungal
Usually, antiseptic soaps can sometimes cause more problems than they solve, by causing your skin to become dry which leads to cracking and bleeding. our face and body Cleansing Soap Bar is antiseptic, hypo-allergenic and proven able to wash away bacteria, viruses, and funguses. as it soothes and heals these dry patches and rashes to clean infection and prevent further outbreaks from occurring.  its antibacterial properties of Dead Sea mud helps to purify skin and wash away toxins yet Hydrating your skin.

4. Anti-Cellulite

Our Dead Sea Mud soap unleashes a two-prong attack on cellulite, as it includes over 20 health-enhancing minerals soap that works to brighten the skin and promote circulation, helps loosen excess sebum on the skin’s surface, accelerate the metabolism, relieve fluid retention, and stimulate cell regeneration.

Simple directions for a cleaner, healthier skin with a glowing, evenly toned complex

Try our Siba Soap and you will see – it is easy to use and offers quick results
1. Start by washing the designated area using a generous amount of warm water  
2. Start rubbing the soap on your skin for about 40 seconds up to 60 seconds’ in cases of the Body Area. Set the bar of soap aside and continue rubbing your skin in a circular motion until a nice creamy texture had been worked.
3. Leave the creamy foam to your skin for about two minutes in cases of the body Area up till 4 Minutes, for it to be absorbed by the skin and create the desired effectiveness.  
4. Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water then pat dry

-For exfoliation of old skin cells, when the skin is still slightly damp, gently remove old and dry skin by rubbing the soap directly on your skin in a circular motion using your fingertips
- It is recommended to use the soap one time a day the first two weeks of use, then start using it three times a week the third week.

- For sensitive skin, it’s recommended to use the soap three times a week only 

- You may witness a slight tingling sensation, and redness may occur or find that your skin becomes a little tight feeling during the first days of use. Don’t worry, this is normal. It isn’t drying.

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