Let the inner you take over

SIBA began its journey as a small based soap workshop in the countryside, and has grown steadily to establish a soap production factory.  SIBA’s goal is to continue bringing excellent quality and distinctive products for their customer base, representative of our homeland in its rare biodiversity.

SIBA’s soaps have evolved into a product line, SIBA BEAUTY.  In Arabic, “SIBA” is defines as “youth.”  SIBA’s has found success in soaps and have currently produced more than nine types of therapeutic soaps. SIBA Soaps are perfect for all skin types and their concerns as they have properties that heal, clean, and nurtures.

SIBA uses a slow-set soap making method, in order to maintain the healing properties, found in the natural oils and herbs used such as lemon, thyme, lavender and many others found within the Palestinian landscape.  Asides from the aromatic, earthy scents produced, the natural ingredients create balanced, deep cleansing soaps that are vital in nourishing skin and achieving natural regeneration of skin cells by boosting blood circulation.  The cleansing soaps go further in cleansing skin from environmental toxins.  SIBA Soaps are extremely mild, that they can even be used on new newborns, and those with allergies and sensitive skin. 

SIBA proudly states that absolutely no testing is conducting on animals and is defined as a vegan-friendly product.  All of our soaps were created with kindness and respect for our bodies and our planet, and are manufactured according to GMP-ISO22716