Olive Hair
Olive Hair
Olive Hair
Olive Hair
Olive Hair
  • Olive oil
  • water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • coconut oil
  • Dead Sea salt
  • amber oil
  • Olive leaves
  • Cucumber

Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Bar

Smooth Care

To harness the natural benefits of olives and olive oil, we came up with the perfectly balanced mild conditioning soap, made with 100% extra virgin olive oil and real olives, rich with antioxidants, oleic acid, and vitamin E.

This is a great cleansing agent that conditions the epidermis and maintains the skin’s natural hydration. It fights free radicles and provides your skin with an everyday protection from aging lines an ill-nourishment, keeping the skin moist, soft and supple.

Benefits of Olives Soap for Your Skin?

  • Cleansing face without stripping it away of natural oils.
  • Hyper moisturizer that is often used to soften both skin and hair.
  • Anti-Bacterial, and proven to be beneficial for treating acne.
  • Anti-Oxidant, Oxidation is a process that can produce free radicals, which are chemicals that can potentially damage cells and may contribute to cancer development.
  • E Oil treats a variety of skin conditions, including but not limited to psoriasis and eczema.

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